Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Parenthood 101

Today is day one of my journey into being a mom. Hold on! Wait! I guess I should go back a few steps. Several months ago, a co-worker of mine asked if I would be interested in making a little extra money over the holidays. A friend of her dad's would be heading down to Cuba over New Years Eve and needed someone to take care of her kids for a week. I jumped at the chance - I can always use some extra cash and I love kids.
While I work with kids from Monday-Friday on a regular basis in the school system, being a nanny is a whole different thing entirely. I don't have to cook for them, or make sure they've brushed their teeth, or make sure they are going to bed in good time.
I got the chance to meet the two munchkins a couple of weekends ago - and they were nice as pie. That being said, I'm not expecting things to run as smoothly as they did the previous time. I babysat them for 6 hours...not for an entire week. I really have no clue what to expect - the whole realm of running a household (children included) is pretty foreign territory for me. As per the request of a couple of friends, I will be blogging about this experience in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed, and I actually get a few hours to myself. Should be interesting.
I'm currently packing my suitcase for the week and will be getting picked up in about an hour to start my crash course in motherhood. Wish me luck!

Day 1: 10:33 am
So far my morning has comprised of watching Bob the Builder, getting the kids a nutritious breakfast of Lucky Charms and apple juice, opening the new play dough containers they got for Christmas and attempting to play one game of Candy Land. You have never really played any board game, until you try to with a three and a four year old :S The pair of them are chatterboxes and I guess its always difficult with someone elses kids - how you go about enforcing rules is kinda up to your discretion. I consider myself a firm but fun person. I'm a very energetic but that being said, I do demand respect. My mom was a pretty strict disciplinarian growing up, and while I don't think I'll ever been that strict, I can see know how there was method to her madness.
So far the youngest one, Isla, has taken to calling me "babysitter" while the four year old, Cyrus, has called me Bethany on several occasions. I guess I'm sorta used to having my name misspelled and mis-said often enough. The kids are still pretty wired that there is someone new in the household to show all their new Christmas presents to, but I expect that to calm down by the end of today.
The idea of having a babysitter is still a pretty foreign idea to me - I never had one growing up. I never went to before or after-school care, as my mom stayed at home. The only time I ever remember getting babysat, it was by my aunt while my mom and dad went to Canada's Wonderland on a day trip.

Day 1: 3:01 pm
Just finished washing up all the dishes from lunch: a box of Spiral Kraft Dinner. Took the kids to a nearby park and they ran off some energy for half an hour before it started to rain. Had to listen to an entertaining argument about whether we were going to watch The Incredibles or The Land Before Time, only to find out that both DVD's were missing. Chaos ensues and I had to sit though Star Wars:The Empire Strikes back instead. Oh joy. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I loath anything science fiction. Had Isla insist that the extension cord she was dragging around the house was in fact her skipping rope. Sigh. I know I'm far more patient around kids than I am with adults, but dang they can be trying on the nerves. Its the constant chatter and the persistent questions that can drive anyone nuts. Its the constant reminders to not do things and to stop hitting your sister and to finish your meal before it gets cold. Gosh it's only been one day. I know I can do this, but wow the days as a full time parent pass by slowly. I get that these two are not my biological kids, but for simulation sake I feel I'm getting a pretty good dose of reality. I can't even imagine how some (single, unwed, teenage or otherwise) parents do this. I believe I want kids, but this experience so far has made me very happy I don't have any yet.

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  1. Sounds like 'Day 1' alright. by the end of the week you will want to get away, and by Monday you will miss them (that's my prediction anyway, could be mistaken as I am not currently associated with munchkins.

    Keep at it, and best of luck!

    And I will spare you the grief of listening to me try to defend one of my pet movie genres. ;)