Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Parenthood 101 (Day 2)

Woke up at 9:04am this morning after passing out last night around 10pm. After a whole day of running the kids around, I really had no patience by the time they had to go to bed. Thankfully it only took two tries to get them to stay in their beds, leaving me to curl up in front of the TV and watch America's Next Top Model in french on MusiquePlus. I also started a new crochet project which will no doubt be finished in a couple of days. All I was missing was a glass of red wine.

The kids got up around 8am, but they were playing nicer with each other than when I was around, so I let them be for an hour or so. I still can't get over how nice this lady's house is. When I saw the place nearly two weeks ago, I couldn't believe two young children lived there. Every room looks like its been plucked straight out of an IKEA catalogue with everything matching and all the wall decor to match. Last night was my first time sleeping in a King sized bed. O.o
It started snowing this morning so there is a light dusting of white over the front yard, to which Isla replied "WE CAN MAKE SNOWANGELS!!". Not entirely sure what the plan is for today.

I would like to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies with the kids. From one of my students from work I got one of those cookie mixes, where all you have to do is add the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, etc). I figured it would be a good way to use it up.

One thing I have discovered. Kids are easier to deal with outside, while they are running around and burning off energy then when they are doing the same thing inside the house. The fresh air and getting out of the house also does me some good I think. This experience has been relatively enlightening and gives me a much better idea of how to parent my own kids (when I eventually have them). I'm not entirely sure how often their mom works, but it seems that the two of them don't really have any boundaries. I don't think my rules are terribly strict ie: wash your hands before meals, keep your feet off the table, etc. I've read in many places too that kids thrive off routine so I've been attempting to keep the schedule similar:

Breakfast 9:30am
Dressed and Teeth Brushed 10:15am
Board Games/ TV time/ Games till lunch
12:30 Lunch
1:00pm Quiet Time for an hour
2:00 Go to the Park
3:00 Board Games/ TV time/ Games till supper
5:00pm Supper
6:00pm Wind Down time, get into PJ's and brush teeth
7:30pm Bedtime

I think its a matter of me adjusting to the schedule too. My days (now that I'm on vacation) were pretty unstructured except for mealtimes which stay pretty consistent.

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