Friday, December 30, 2011

Parenthood 101 (Day 4)

Woke up a little later than usual this morning to find the kitchen had been ransacked. Isla had taken the liberty of going through the cupboards and fridge. I was far from impressed. Just like last night, she cried for hours over her mom. I've almost had it with her, and I'm slanting towards wanting a son over a daughter when I eventually have kids :P I know that's a general statement because I know some boys can be hellions, but wow. Cyrus is so calm and collected about everything. Isla throws tantrums and cries over the minimalist things.

Currently she is sobbing in her room because she doesn't want to have a shower before we all head to Playtrium today. I asked her to get a towel and now she's bawling as if her dog just died. Ugh. I don't think that showering is an unreasonable request. I love the show Supernanny. She's just great because she has a backbone and doesn't let the kids get away with garbage. I think alot of people learn to parent by what they grew up with, and in retrospect, my parents did a pretty good job. I can also see why mom opted to stay at home and raise us; it's a fulltime job and unlike me, she didn't get paid a cent for it. They wound up with three kids who all completed high school, who all have friends, who never got strung out on drugs or alcohol and who don't have kids yet. We all have good morals and goals in life.

I have a new found respect for parents, it is without a doubt the toughest job out there and you don't even get paid for it. It's also a minimum 18 year contract.

I know also understand how annoying it is to be constantly asked: "When's lunch?" and "What are we having?" My mother must have the patience of a saint.

The notion of childcare is an interesting one to me, largely I think because I never had it growing up. My mom stayed at home for nearly 20 years before heading back to the workforce. Stay at home parents are growing more and more scarce, as people are trying to create a better life for their kids by buying them things, instead of actually taking the time to parent. With my dad as the only income in our family, my parents learned to stretch a dollar. We never went without food, or new clothes or any of the essentials - but there were no family vacations or flashy new cars or a brand new in ground swimming pool in the backyard. My parents were really great with their money, instead they invested in real estate and land, two things that gain value instead of lose it.

I took the kids to Playtrium today, which is just a glorified indoor jungle gym. I remember going there for birthday parties when I was little. The two ran around for the better part of two hours and I took them to McDonald's afterwards for cheeseburger happy meals. We got to take a taxi, as I don't drive and the kids were pretty enthused haha.

10:19pm: The battle of Put-the-Three-Year old to bed is still raging. I shall update you tomorrow. Kids are great, but damn do they ever make you want to punch things sometimes :S

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