Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parenthood 101 (Day 3)

Made it through two days and two nights. That sounds awful, as if I'm on some survivor show, but wow. It has been eye-opening for sure. It not even having to deal with kids that is wearing on my patience, its the screaming and fighting. The youngest one, Isla, screams over EVERYTHING. And most of the time, there is nothing wrong - she is only doing it to get attention. I caught on to this pretty quickly and have been ignoring it. Its miraculous how she can turn her crying powers on and off. Last night she was homesick for her home, which was genuine. Problem was she cried for four hours. I have worked as a camp counselor and was also occasionally homesick as a child, and as awful as it sounds, a lot of kids just cry themselves to sleep. For me personally, stuffed animals make everything better, and even for this week long excursion, I brought along Billy Idol the sock monkey my mom made me for Christmas.

Just served the kids breakfast; a waffle for Cyrus and a bowl of Lucky Charms for Isla. Another thing that astounds me at mealtimes, these two don't have the concept of dessert after a meal. When I asked the pair of them what they wanted for lunch yesterday, they replied "chocolate pudding". O.o

Lunch was comprised of finger foods - cheese and crackers and grapes. Both of them gobbled it up upon hearing that they could get pudding for dessert if they finished everything on their plates. I'm gathering they don't have regular mealtimes and are generally picky eaters. Supper was chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries with corn and peas and neither of them were able to eat much of the veggies. I guess I was never a very picky kid - largely I think because I was forced ti learn to like most foods. Mom made one meal, if we didn't eat it - we went hungry. Hence I learned to like whatever was placed in front of me. The one exception being tuna casserole, which to this day I can't stomach. I'm not even entirely sure why - I like all the ingredients in it, just not all together.

Both of them passed out around seven last night; I took them to the park for an hour today and they both had a jolly good time sliding around on a giant patch of ice and seeing a dog come by the park with a jogger. They were tuckered out and we're heading to Playtrium today - basically a ginormous jungle gym. I plan to take them to McDonald's for supper afterwards. Should be a good day. Kids are a little easier to deal with when they are tired :P

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