Monday, January 2, 2012

Parenthood 101 (Day 7)

Wow. Finally. Last night was the first night since I've been here, that Isla didn't cry until 11pm. She cried till maybe 9pm instead and then eventually talked herself to sleep over the next two hours. It was kinda of refreshing to not have to listen to. I've gotten to the point where any sort of crying grates on my nerves like you won't believe.

Woke up this morning in a remarkably better mood considering the events of yesterday, and knowing that I only have two more sleeps before I can get back to my regular life. Sigh. I know that once I leave I'm gonna miss the two of them, but really I know that I'll be relieved to go about my daily schedule and start doing all the things I love again. I haven't been able to go to badminton, go to yoga class, eat any of my regular foods, spend any of my gifts cards that I've gotten for Christmas, or upload any of the pics I took over the holiday. Everything is put on hold. Only two more sleeps. Think I can...I think I can...I think I can...

Today is looking like a relatively low key day. Cyrus got his video game back after behaving yesterday and going to bed when he was supposed to. I get regular updates about the status of Buzz Lightyear and how many soldiers he's been able to out-run. I honestly don't even think he's playing the game right, but it entertains him, so what the heck. Isla's a bit of a grouch this morning, largely I think, due to lack of sleep throughout the week. I just heard her say "I wish I could be a babysitter," referring to caring for her stuffed animals. Sigh. She has no idea of what she speaks.

I'm looking forward to the hour of afternoon quiet time because I can catch an episode of the Intervention marathon going on today on A&E. There are new episodes starting tonight at 9pm too. Woot.

Life is good. And I can't wait to go to my regular yoga class this Thursday. Its kinda difficult to exercise in my current situation. My body and brain are in some serious need of stretching and meditation.

Sigh. Just took the kids to the park. Friggen children. It was Cyrus this time who decided to get all huffy puffy because I asked him to put his mitts on. It's currently -7 here with the windchill, and frankly I'm gonna be the one in trouble if mom comes home and his hands are all chapped. He decided to sit there with his arms crossed and a look of death on his face, claiming that he "wasn't gonna do anything". It's kinda hilarious now to see children attempt to pull nonsense. He was the one who was begging me all afternoon to go to park, and then once we got there claimed he wanted to go home. *pulls hair out*

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