Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favourite Things

Since I have moved to Kingston, I have discovered one of the most original and exciting stores. P'lovers, located downtown, a stones throw from the Queen's University campus is filled with organic and all natural products. From beeswax candles, to soaps, to clothing made of hemp, to paper made of elephant poo, there is a large variety of products to choose from. The smell is absolutely devine when you walk in.

One of my best girlfriends from elementary school works there so I have a personal friend advising on me what works well and things to try. Personally I have purchased a beeswax candle, orange blossom toner and a really cool bracelet made of tree nuts that have been dyed with organic pigments.

As some of you may have read in my last blog post, I have been trying to purge toxins out of my life (from chemicals in my body products, to people who have had a toxic influence in my life). There are soo many wonderful scents available in the soy candles (see photo second from the top) to the bars of soap. Pop by the store to check them out! I can't even try to describe the aromas. I also discovered bars of soap that are shaped like slices of cake (complete with icing swirls on top). Products are pretty evenly priced and with the added benefit you know that they don't contain harsh chemicals.

Check out their website: http://www.ploverskingston.ca/

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