Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Favourite Things...continued

I have now discovered my second "favourite place" in Kingston. Tucked right downtown, across from city hall is a quaint little coffee and dessert place, cutely named Sipps. I had seen listings on job sites advertising for this little shop, as well as a couple of kids at work mentioning the name of it.

I have always loved the smell of coffee, even though I don't drink much of it. I've never needed caffeine to function, but I do enjoy a really fancy schmancy coffee from Starbucks maybe once a month.

I took a stroll downtown yesterday morning because the weather was gorgeous and I've been meaning to take a pile of pictures since I've moved to Kingston. I decided to pop in.

Unlike Starbucks, Second Cup, or even Timmies...the shop was quiet. There were only two tables in the tiny cafe that were occupied; a pair of businesswomen in the corner with their laptops, and a pair of girlfriends catching up.

As I mentioned before, I am not a coffee drinker, so instead I opted for a hot chocolate (they have 5 varieties) and a tempting lemon square. Both beverage and dessert were piled high with whipped cream - I definitely felt like I was getting my money's worth. Grand total? Around $7.

Sipps has a huge variety of coffees, teas and other assorted beverages. They also have a wide range of delectable desserts. For someone like myself who has always had a sweet tooth, it was difficult to choose between brownies, slabs of assorted cheesecakes, biscotti, slices of banana loaf, etc.

I will certainly be making visits to Sipps a more regular occurrence.

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