Sunday, May 20, 2012

May: A Month of Tranquility

Upon looking up the word tranquility, one will discover that the word is synonymous with calmness. According to Buddhist texts, it is linked with a connection to the natural environment.

Because of the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing here in Kingston, I have been reaping the benefits by traveling everywhere by bike. I'm kicking myself for spending any money at all on a monthly bus pass :( Biking has got to be one of my favourite things. For one, you can get everywhere 4 times faster than walking. It's also an awesome workout! While Kingston as a city is pretty flat, there are occasional hills which definitely get your heart rate going and lungs working. My body is in a way built for biking. I've always had thunder thighs and using my legs so often has only built more muscle and toned my legs. I've been biking to and from work, doing groceries and sporadically visiting the boyfriend who doesn't have his license either. Biking also runs on fat and saves you money, and parking is a non-issue. The only real downside to biking is that miserable weather can make for one miserable bike ride. I've been taking advantage of this mode of transportation to explore Kingston and take piles of pictures.

All this additional time outside has tanned my legs and arms a little and I have a smattering more freckles on my arms and face. I have decided that I would like to work towards biking a marathon (well the distance of a marathon aka 42km ) around Kingston over the course of the summer. I've been making a lot of goals...this one will be a fitness/personal goal.

I'm moving to my new apartment in just under two weeks, and I will be starting the purge and packing process tomorrow on my day off from work. I have a pile of stuff to throw out and a bunch of clothes to donate. I figure the more I can get rid of, the less I have to move. I'm super stoked about the new place.

It's also been a month today since the bf and I have been together. I know a month isn't much of a milestone...but damn it went by fast. He's a doll and because he's a tennis player...I have learned far more about the ATP circuit than I thought I would. I've also decided to start doing a fantasy tennis pool as well, although based on my luck with the recent NHL hockey pool I did at work...I clearly suck at picking winning teams. Every single one of the teams I picked got ousted in the first round except for the New Jersey Devils.

I'm very happy with where life is headed and living in the present. There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming months, which has left me with a feeling of peace and contentment (gosh that sounds so corny:S). I'm just blissed out and so grateful for everything that has happened/ come my way in the last little while.

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